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Welcome. If you are at my website, chances are something about your life does not feel right – either with a relationship, or with your experience of yourself, or with the direction you see yourself heading.  If you are reading this, it hopefully also means that some part of you believes change is possible.

I am a Clinical Psychologist in private practice in Midtown Manhattan. I primarily work with adults and couples who experience recurring and distressing relationship problems either at work or at home. I also treat mood, anxiety, and personality disorders and work with patients on issues related to self esteem and anger management.

Through therapy, I’ve seen people go from a place of emotional pain to a place where there was gradually more hope. I’ve worked with patients who felt adrift and uncertain, and who through therapy, ended up feeling more solid and more fully themselves. And I’ve worked with couples who couldn’t connect and who were angrily and dismissively talking at each other and past each other, and who ended up developing genuine closeness through couples counseling.

Making a first appointment for therapy can feel daunting. This is particularly so for people who have never been to therapy before and who don’t know what to expect, how the process works, or how the process helps. I recognize this, and I would look forward to meeting with you to discuss the process of therapy and how it can help.