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Peter W. Lobl Clinical Psychologist

Welcome. If you are at my website, chances are something about your life does not feel right – either with a relationship, or with your experience of yourself, or with the direction you see yourself heading.  If you are reading this, it hopefully also means that some part of you believes change is possible.

I became a Clinical Psychologist so I would be able to stand with my patients as they face these moments, help them clarify what doesn’t feel right, and help them make changes for the better.

During sessions, I listen attentively as I see this as key to therapy. At the same time, therapy also involves a back and forth, so I check in with my patients to make sure I understand what they are telling me, and I interact with them with as much honesty and integrity as I am able.

Making a first appointment for therapy can feel daunting. This is particularly so for people who have never been to therapy before and who don’t know what to expect, how the process works, or how the process helps. I recognize this and I make sure to exercise care and respect with what my patients tell me.

I’ve worked with patients who engage in the process of therapy and who end up seeing the little hope they had become realized in their lives. I’ve also worked with patients who knew who they were deep down but who felt adrift and uncertain, and who through therapy, end up feeling more solid, more real, and more fully who they knew they were all along. And I’ve worked with couples who couldn’t connect and who were angrily and dismissively talking at each other and past each other, and who develop genuine closeness though the process of couples counseling.

I hope to get a chance to meet with you, and I would look forward to working with you in therapy.