Do I Have Enough Ambition?

The question “do I have enough ambition” could be a disguised statement or a disguised judgment. Our minds are filled with the judgments and beliefs of important figures in our lives: parents, siblings, other caretakers, teachers, buddies, etc. So is this inquiry about ambition your own or is it the internalized “voice” of a person in your life?

How are you measuring the sufficiency of your ambition? Are you using an internal measure or an external measure of ambition? Having ambition denotes a goal and efforts made towards that goal. If you are using an internal measure for assessing ambition, you might have goals based on your personal values; you might then assess your efforts and your progress towards those goals based on the expectations you have of yourself. If you are using a more external measure of ambition, your goals may be based on what society recognizes as indications of success, like wealth or social status.

Lastly, the interaction of gender and ambition is the subject of numerous current articles. Many of these articles consider the existence in the workplace of an ambition gap between women and men. Some of these articles end up debunking the possibility of such a gap while others maintain its possibility.