Relationships & Family Life

Relationship 101: The Power of Validation

Validation and empathy are often mistaken one for the other but they are not the same. Empathy is an internal process and validation is an interpersonal act. Validation can be a powerful skill in defusing arguments between partners.   Validation and empathy are often used interchangeably but they are distinct. Empathy is the ability to put […]

What is a Healthy Emotional Distance from Your Parents?

From the moment of birth, psychological development entails a process of gradual distancing and separation from parents. That process begins in a state of symbiotic and heightened dependence on parents for basic physical, emotional, and psychological needs. This separation process then progresses in stages as a person grows up and develops greater independence and autonomy. […]

How to Recognize an Unhealthy Relationship

People are complicated, and when two people are in a relationship the level of complexity is not just additive, it is multiplicative. Just as people’s physical and mental health are on a spectrum so are relationships’ health. In most relationships, there are aspects of those relationships that are more or less functional. Couple’s therapy can […]