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Groups for Lawyers

Lawyers Connect

“Lawyers: Connect” and “Lawyers: Connect II” are weekly consultation groups for lawyers and law students. Those interested in joining either group would first meet individually with the group facilitator, Peter Lobl, JD PhD, who will go over group guidelines and answer questions about the group process.

Group Details

Meeting Place: 315 Madison Avenue (Entrance @ 42nd Street)

Lawyers: Connect times: Mondays 5:30 pm – 6:45 pm

Lawyers: Connect II times: Fridays 8:15 am – 9:30 am

Term of Group: Indefinite

Group Facilitation: Dr. Lobl, JD PhD

The tasks of each group are: to share experiences and perspectives on the profession; to provide cross member mentoring and guidance when requested by group members; to listen mindfully; and to practice non-judgmental communication. Lawyers: Connect and Lawyers: Connect II are not psychotherapy groups.

The tasks for the facilitator are: to foster and maintain a group space conducive to productive discussion; to help the group make use of the group time effectively and equitably; to help the group stay on course with the tasks outline above; to hold the group to its prescribed meeting format, including start times and end times.

This group is ideal for attorneys who are at junior levels or at mid-levels in their careers and who:

  • are seeking peer to peer perspectives and/or guidance on their jobs and careers;
  • are looking for a non-judgmental forum to express their concerns about specific dimensions of their work, either interpersonal or project-related;
  • have questions or doubts about the legal profession or their current job;
  • have questions about how to balance the demands of their work and their personal needs and relationships;
  • have some ideas about possible career moves and would like to “bounce them off” others as a reality check;
  • are feeling isolated or uncertain in their day to day experience and would like to gain some perspective on that experience;
  • find it difficult to meet others and make connections in forums that are unstructured like meetups or law school and law firm social functions; or
  • enjoy and benefit from such unstructured events but who are also looking for a facilitated forum to discuss professional issues with more focus.

Limits on Group Membership: No more than 2 lawyers/law students from any one employer/law school class per group. Participants can join one group but not both. Each group will start once 6 members have agreed to join. At that time, Dr. Lobl will send notice to group members of the first group meeting. Each group will close once group membership reaches 10 members, not including the facilitator. The rationale for the limitation on 2 lawyers is to maximize input from a variety of different workplaces. The rationale for the limitation on group membership is to maximize group membership across both groups.