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My Approach

My approach is informed by your reasons for contacting me, my training as a psychologist, as well as by our working relationship.

In the first few sessions, we will go over what you would like to gain from therapy, and we will complete an intake assessment. I will also go over some of the parameters for therapy, including information about confidentiality, session frequency and duration, fees, insurance, and cancellations.  At the end of these sessions, I will give you my impressions of what our work might entail, and we can also discuss if I am the right person to provide the services you are looking for.

If we decide to start psychotherapy, we will discuss treatment goals and schedule our first therapy appointment. Once a week sessions of 45 minutes each is the standard frequency for psychotherapy, but we may agree to meet more or less frequently and for sessions of longer or shorter duration. You may of course end treatment at any time but it is helpful if that decision is reached after it has been discussed in session.

You should also know that therapy can entail moments of emotional discomfort even when you are making progress towards your goals. Experience and research show that making personal changes in therapy is a process that can stir up feelings. So it is possible that you will leave some sessions feeling confused, upset, anxious, angry, or sad.

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