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What Is Work Life Balance?

Finding a balance between one’s personal life and one’s work life is desirable to many. At the same time, seeking balance between work life and personal life is not something everyone wants. The use of the phrase also suggests there exists such a thing as “work life balance” as some objective standard against which people […]

The Benefits and Costs of Suppressing Emotion

Suppressing emotion is like putting the cover over a pot heating on the stove. Before placing that cover, it may therefore be helpful to know the reasons for doing so. Is the pot coming to a boil? Are you concerned about what you might do if the pot does boil? What are the circumstances for […]

How to Recognize an Unhealthy Relationship

People are complicated, and when two people are in a relationship the level of complexity is not just additive, it is multiplicative. Just as people’s physical and mental health are on a spectrum so are relationships’ health. In most relationships, there are aspects of those relationships that are more or less functional. Couple’s therapy can […]

What Does Psychotherapy Do?

What psychotherapy does depends in large part on the patient’s reasons for seeking treatment. Psychotherapy can help with symptom reduction, but psychotherapy can also help patients develop more effective coping skills; gain a more solid sense of self; and learn to connect with others more meaningfully. The treatment approach depends in large part on the […]